Alberto Pupo

Director of International Operations

Pupo and his friends encouraged a group of MBA students from the University of Lima who came to their classes tired and half asleep. They had to keep them awake, then put together a ludic-experiential sketch that turned out to be a success. From then on, Pupo devoted himself fully to sociocultural animation, “a powerful tool to connect with people,” explains the Cuban. It is, in other words, a way to help people achieve their best performance in their workplace. Facilitation is known as meta-training, but Pupo calls it stand-up managment, a mix of stand-up comedy with training in human resource management issues. For that reason, in its trainings it is transformed into different characters to quickly enter the game with the public. If you want to talk about stress management, it becomes Doctor Humor. If you want to explain the time management, the Chef demonstrates the importance of having priorities by preparing a recipe. If he wants to teach that we should not blame the rest for our own mistakes, he uses the Ninja to do his own ‘harakiri’. Pupo has spent the last seven years of his life trying to generate a change in the mentality of Peruvians with a high dose of creativity and good humor.