Franz Chacón Hernández

Director of International Academic Training

Franz Chacón Hernández is the General Manager of Win Work Consultores (Filial Peru), Professor of Quality Management for Exports and International Bionegocios at USMP. He previously held the position of Academic Coordinator at the Foreign Trade Institute of ADEX and studied at the International Commerce (PADEX 2009) and specialized in English for International Trade (ADEX Language Center). He has a master’s degree in Food Technology at the National Agrarian University La Molina and is currently taking a master’s degree in Quality Management at the UNAC. He trained as CSR Auditor (CBI Netherlands-ADEX) and “How to Access European Market” (CBI Netherlands-ADEX). He also participated in the mission of studies and commercial intelligence at the “Panama-Expocomer 2009”. He was in charge of the Business Roundtables of the APEC 2008 annual meeting held in Peru. With extensive experience in production and quality management systems, he participated in the implementation of ISO 9001 in IBM of Peru, INASSA and Ajinomoto del Perú, knowledge of laboratory instruments, implementation of HACCP safety systems, Internal Auditor in ISO Management Systems 9000, BPM domain, environmental management systems ISO 14000, PAMA, EIA.