Val Alino

Director Of Expansion and Social Work

Learn how Val Alino's life-long dedication to education and philanthropy can resonate in your life. She is an example of true inspiration and fortitude as she has navigated a tumultuous journey. She began as a teacher in the forefront of the Montessori educational movement and quickly rose as a leader. Val soon became a sought-after school director with a strong record in developing, implementing and driving revenue-generating programs to educational institutions both domestic & international. She’s a role model for transformation and is motivated by the challenges associated with connecting and bringing together people and organizations for business purposes and creating strong communities within organizations. Entrepreneurial and skilled in management, education, fundraising, corporate partnerships and event planning, she can touch upon any need your team is lacking. Listen as she weaves the stories of her life from teacher and philanthropist into a presence that will touch the stories within your life, as well as, the lives of your friends and family. She'll share her life and conscious parenting coaching skills, to show you how all of life's little bumps are actually gifts that we should pay very close attention to, so as not to miss the beautiful lessons we receive each and every day. Her ubiquitous message can be found by all ,as long as we are in tune to our gifts and our life's purpose. Val’s work has taken her to Europe, India, U.S.A and México, volunteering and educating children, teachers, parents, non-profits and different organizations for over 27 years. Val knows how to keep a balance and has carved out key strategies to honor self-care, mediation and various healing techniques to help people reach their highest potential. Whether it's ushering you into accepting change with grace and ease or teaching simple ways to shift perspectives into abundance. Val is an inspirational force and to be in her presence is electrifying. Website: